9 hours agoCharlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Brookdale Complex. Recovering from a stroke & need to walk. This piece isn't covered by Medicare. Would be greatly appreciated & valued!
9 hours agoCharlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
I am a Native American artist seeking bamboo and a Japanese pull saw so that I can work on some re-imagined traditional drone flutes. Bamboo is not a native plant, but happens to be perfect for flute making. If any of you have some bamboo you can give away, or some taking up space in your yard or your neighbor's please let me know! I need a japanese pull saw, too. They're similar to hacksaws/ha...
11-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
My grandson lives with me I'm on social security so income is limited looking for info on churstnas help. He really needs a coat size 12 Clothing size 10 shoe size 5. He loves Wrestling men and games he is a very simple child.
11-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for an office chair and desk for my room, i would love a corner desk but if it's standard i am ok with that. I do a lot of gaming and would need to have a chair to sit in for a long period of time, thank you!
11-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
I will find out what I m having on the 28th so I m open to collect unisex items
10-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
iso console or table to hold a 55" tv
8-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Just moved in to a place with need for lots of updating.... Looking for exterior paint for a small tool shed we plan on building. White / grey / something neutral preferred. Also, looking for blue or green exterior paint for a door. If you have any leftover interior paint (no VOC, green shield preferred - like Natura or Ecos) we'd happily make use of it as well.
7-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Seeking Recurve Bows (or long bows) for me and my sister to learn some bare-bones traditional archery ~ We both have a calculated draw length of 27.5 (I've read for recurve bows this is estimated to match to a 66" to 68" bow with a draw weight between 16 and 32lbs for our age group/gender/build) I'm right handed, and she's left handed, but we're both keen to learn to shoot with either hand! If ...
6-Nov-2018Rock Hill, SC+12 milesItems Wanted
Im in search of a fake green christmas tree. 5 to 6 foot. Round preferred over the pencil kind. The one i have is older and the needles are falling off really badly. Located in Lancaster can travel Ty
6-Nov-2018Rock Hill, SC+12 milesItems Wanted
Need a few box tops for education (BTFE) from General Mills cereals, and other products to send to someone in Florida who donates them (through her local group) to cancer research. Thanks.
4-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 2 dressers or chests for clothes. Any will do. Thanks in advance.
4-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for pavers or bricks to build a DIY fire pit in my yard.
4-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Need 2 pool noodles for a project, any color would be great. thanks
4-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
We are looking for a kitchen table and chairs. If anyone has one they don't need please reach out to us. Thank you
4-Nov-2018Rock Hill, SC+12 milesItems Wanted
Our washer & dryer just recently went out and were needing a new one.
3-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a universal TV stand that can hold a 26-inch flat screen. Thanks.
2-Nov-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an end table/nightstand.
1-Nov-2018Rock Hill, SC+12 milesItems Wanted
Curiously no one carries these small plastic extensions. They have some 90 degree metal ones and the photos show bicycles, not car tires. We have compressor that we use because some of our tires slowly lose air. There is one tire that is losing air faster than the others and we can not get a good connection with the hose adapter because the tire valve stem is too short. The extensions are plast...
1-Nov-2018Rock Hill, SC+12 milesItems Wanted
New neighbor did a survey and our wood fence had been built on their property by 3 feet. We had to take our fence down and try to rebuild 3.5 feet from where it was. Many of the boards were lost in the dismantle. Hopeful to find some locally from someone who has extras. Thanks.
31-Oct-2018Charlotte, NC+15 milesItems Wanted
Baby girl clothes , car seat, anything
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